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The New Life In Christ

The New Life In Christ
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The New Life In Christ

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10 Reason Why Everyone Should Read Daily Devotional.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Daily devotional in its simplest defination is an explanation of Biblical scriptures to apply in every day life. We all live in a world we met and most of the things we live on was told to us by a family member, friend, collique or a parent. But the comes that time we want to find out the truth ourself. This is where a daily devotional plays a very vital role. As you begin to grow up, life is gradually going to lead you to it's vanity and you will need to find out things like importantance, usage and value. Only the Bible have the information, for those of you that are already advanced, the revelation you will need to understand this three fundamentals of life. This is were a daily devotional comes in. Read on as we find out together why you should read a daily devotional.

1. What is life? This is a question we can write a whole article on. But lets deal with it in relation to a daily devotional. Life is a very difficult thing to define. But we can break it down to it's meaning. The meaning of life is also a very broad topic. But let's try to pick something out of it. Basically there are four stages in life, for the advanced you know that is the Earth number, childhood, Teenage days (boys and girls days) adulthood and old age. Each of this stages have it's accomplishments and it's regrets. For example childhood days you were loved by parents, but thought everybody was your father or mother. One thing you want to avoid in your life is the regret of old age. And one of the things daily devotional will try to teach you is to have a forfilling old age.

2. To What End? This is a question you will need to ask yourself only when you find out about what is called ''freedom.'' One day you will find out the people who hurt you were not even suppose to do that, and there will be this burning eage to revenge, you will have to ask yourself to what end, kill them then what. What daily devotional will do for you here is to confort you.

3. Purpose: This is only for those who have to deal with confusion. There comes that time in life when everything just seem thesame. You have gotten married then what, you have a house then what, you have a good job then what, this is when purpose plays a very important role. This things will only begin to make sense to you as you start to see others craving for these things, and then you can feel fortunate for having them. What daily devotional will do for you here is give you wisdom you feel fortunate when you need to and jet not criticise others for not having.

4. Happiness: Something everyone is looking for, something no one has ever been able to explain how it comes. This article is not going to pretend it will explain to you what happiness is all about, but atleast it will tell you how it comes. After you have been through pain and the comes this time you stop and return to your childhood days then you beginn to see the things people do, you beginn to laugh at it all. Daily devotional is going to teach you how to forgive the things some people did to you that was inhuman.

5. Peace: This is a greater form of happiness. Happiness can be damaged but peace is for everlasting. Happiness is human generated but peace is from the son of God himself (Jesus.) He said in the Bible ''the peace I give you supassing all human understanding.'' So to get this one. you will need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this is where daily devotional comes in play. It will teach you the simple steps of love which is the only commandment Jesus gave to become His follower.

6. Love: we can't talk about something like this without talking about something everyone is looking for. Knowingly or unknowingly. You might want to get love from a parent, spouse, friend or even a family member. Daily devotional is going to teach you how to be kind to people so they can like you and even love you in the case of a man and a woman.

7. Acceptance: this is a very important aspect of the human life. We all need people. No matter what you have you will still need people, no matter who you are you will still need people. You can't live alone. Daily devotional is going to teach you how to live with people so they accept you. If done well you will find out people only get active when you are present.

8. Marriage: There are more devorces as there are marriages. But each time two people meet to get married, they want it to last. But sometimes fall. A daily devotional can really help in situations like this. The Bible said wives be submissive to your husdands and husbands love your wife.

9. Parenting: Raising up children is not as easy as it sounds. People have been known of loosing their mind trying to raise up a child. But a clear explanation of the Bible through daily devotional will go along way to do alot of good. For example the Bible said ''Children are a heritage from the Lord.'' and there is also a commandment in the Bible binding parents and children ''Children obey your father and mother so that your days maybe long on earth.''

10. Heaven: Many people don't like hearing this. They say we just have earth, Heaven is not real. But you will see Jesus promised a place to all his followers, when He said ''in my fathers house there are many mansion.'' His fathers house happens to be called Heaven. Daily devotional is going to teach you how to get to Jesus's fathers house.

This is just a few of the many reasons why you will need to take some time every now and then if not every day to spend some time and read a daily devotional. Some will take you just 5 minutes to read through, some even have an audio record so you can just listen. Don't be lazy, get to work and make some meaning out of this thing called life.

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