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The New Life In Christ
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The New Life In Christ

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5 Shocking Things You Will Learn Growing As A Christian

Friday, 26 December 2014

We all at a point in time have tried to live a life we have no idea about. As humans we want to know and feel. Because we tried to live without knowing, it made most of us if not all of us go through pain. But later you will find out pain is a driving force of life. The come that time when life stop making sense, and then you need to make senseout of life. For those of you that will try to follow Christ (ie becoming Christians) then read on as this is for you...

1. Your Adversary: Most of the times, new Christians think they are up against the devil, but your biggest adversary is not the devil, it is fellow humans. Yes the devil is also an adversary, but you will only start getting attacked by the devil once you seal the deal with Jesus Christ. You are going to face what they call Earthly forces. Let me try to break this down for you. people are going to try to enslave you. You are going to be facing forces like, I am the best black man here, I am the best white man here, I am the most beautiful or most handsome here, I am the riches here, I am the most spiritual man here. But to all these, one thing was given to Christians, (the Bible.) Read your Bible well to find out the truth yourself. You can also gain some more understanding of the Bible from a daily devotional.

2. Better Knowledge Of The Bible: In the earlier times when God started to work with man, the people were not allowed to read the Bible for themselves. It was being done by special people called Priest. In this times we are allowed to read the Bible. You will find out you are going to have some challenges when it comes to your knowledge of the Bible. Instead of people to add up to what you already know, they will try to argue the little you know. Stay on tract, keep reading the Bible for yourself.

3. Better Christian: For those of you that come from a family with more than one child, then this will not be a new thing to you. You remember when you started fighting who is the better child to mom and dad, yes Christians also fight who is the better follower to Jesus Christ. Jesus said himself ''I have chosen you and not you chose me'' only Jesus Christ knows his true followers.

4. Wrong Leader: Now our days, people start churches for several reasons, some to make money, some thought they heard the voice of God... So you might fall in the hands of poor if not very poor church leaders. They have started a church, they don't know how to go forward, they don't know how to go backward, they don't know how to stop. They have created  a stagnant water favorable for Mosquitos. You might get bitten in such Churches, I mean pretty bad. Once you find out a particular Church is not focusing on preaching the love of Jesus Christ, ''LEAVE''

5. Wrong Fellow Believers: It is normal to think everyone in Church should be a good, God fearing person, But this is not exactly the case you will find in most if not every Church. Some people the only new thing they have in their hands is the Bible. Everyone in Church is not like that, find you one or two persons who know what it means to follow a friend who had to die on the Cross for his friends. The Bible said ''greater had no man love than this that a man will lay down his life for his friends.'' The Bible is refering to JesusChrist here.

Becoming a Christian is not all about the sweet Jesus loves you. You are going to find some challenges. If you loose a love one keep the faith, if you loose a job keep the faith, if you are moving back with your mom keep the faith. Don't forget to find some time to increase your faith with adaily devotional. People that writedaily devotionals, try to inspire and encourage you.

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